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How many times have you heard a friend tell a story so captivating, you wished others could share it? What about that family story, so cherished, that retelling it at gatherings and holidays has become a tradition? These are the stories that give our lives meaning, that celebrate extraordinary moments in our personal histories. Tell One Story: The Greatest Stories of Our Lives, a new non-fiction anthology by renowned adventurer, artist, and raconteur, Wyland, shares the world’s most amazing, most heartfelt stories — by people from all walks of life. Celebrities, writers, professionals, and people like you recall personal moments of extraordinary love, heartache, triumph, and hope. Each story reaffirms the value of our own lives, and teaches us that anything is possible, as long as we believe. Most importantly, we discover that the most personal, poignant stories are often as close as our own family.

Tell One Story
Tell us the most inspiring story of your life

Do you have a story about a touching, inspiring or life-changing experience in your life? Share it with us and it could be published in the upcoming anthology, "Tell One Story: The Greatest Stories of Our Lives" by world renowned artist Wyland, an upcoming anthology of the greatest stories of our lives.

Submission guidelines:
  • Your story must be true (no fiction, please).
  • It should be previously unpublished.
  • Aim for 400-1000 words in length. See our writing guidelines for additional questions about subject matter, length, and style.
  • Focus on a single incident or theme in the life of the writer – dramatic, moving or humorous – and the events described made the writer re-evaluate his or her life in some way. And remember that a well-told tale still has a beginning, a middle and an end!
  • Do not send us original or irreplaceable material. We cannot return submissions.
  • We cannot give feedback or acknowledge receipt.
  • We prefer electronic submissions. - See more at: (Web site)
  • All published stories will received a signed copy of One Story

Tell Us Your Story

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