Image Size: 7.5" x 9" x 7.5" ()

Years ago, Wyland released a series of epic marine life sculptures in Kalonite, a gemlike material known for its delicate soft color and sparkling transparency. Now, Wyland returns to the medium with a powerful new series devoted to his lifelong fascination with ocean waves. The first three sculptures in the series, “Pipeline,” “Epic Surf,” and “Wave,” each represent the dynamic form of crashing surf as seen through the eyes of Wyland. “Much of my inspiration for these sculptures comes from the winter waves on the north shore of Oahu where I spend much of my time,” Wyland says. “Kalonite has the ability to capture the luminous qualities of these amazing forces of nature. As the light changes, so does the way we see the wave.”

The Wyland Wave Series marks the artist’s continued commitment to showcasing the majesty of the ocean planet. These signed and numbered editions are highly limited in the new Wyland teal blue color, perfect for a special place within any ocean lover’s art collection.


* Light Box Not Included

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