Octopus Realm

Image Size: 12.25"h x 10"w ()

A master of disguise and an agile hunter, the octopus has finally come to receive the respect and admiration it deserves. In this stunning mixed media lucite sculpture, Wyland captures the sinewy movements of an east pacific red octopus as it glides across a rocky reef in search of food and shelter. “Every movement of these animals reminds me of an underwater ballet,” Wyland says. “They have a grace and presence unlike any other creature in the sea. This sculpture is the culmination of years and work and study to not only get the details right, but to showcase the octopus in a medium that transports the viewer into the sea itself. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect work of art than this.”

Lightbox is included with purchase on select lucites for a limited time.

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