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Image Size: 16 x 11.965 ()

In 1997, the International Year of the Reef was declared in response to increasing threats and loss of coral reefs and associated ecosystems, like mangroves and sea grasses. More than 50 countries participated – all sharing a common goal of conserving and saving the reefs for future generations. Ten years later, however, an urgent need to increase awareness and understanding of coral reefs remains. Marine life artist Wyland was honored recently as the official artist of the 2008 International Year of the Reef. The artist, who has created numerous educational outreach programs for children, created this powerful two-piece series to illustrate the spectacular natural beauty inherent among the world’s reefs. The kaleidoscope of life symbolizes the artist’s deep appreciation and concern for these undersea gardens, and his continued interest in their survival. “Once you’ve dived a coral reef, you are changed forever,” Wyland says. “Nothing could have prepared me for my first experience. And ever since that time, I have made it a personal mission to do everything I could to ensure the future of these amazing ecosystems.”

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