Limited Editions


Image Size: 23 x 16.5 ()

Tracey Taylor and Wyland join together again in a series of new original underwatercolors collaborations that reflect the pristine beauty of life below the sea. Painting side by side at Wyland’s new home studio in the Florida Keys, they now release the first painting in the series. “Wy Land reflects Tracey’s colorful, whimsical sea life joined with mine swimming around the ship wreck Wy Land is the undersea home to a Giant Grouper; Bull Shark, Barracudas, Green Sea Turtle, Octopus, Giant Manta Ray and Florida’s coral reef. “Wy Land” is a must for ocean lovers and art collectors around the world.”

CLICK HERE or call 800-WYLAND-1 to speak with a Wyland Art Consultant for questions about this piece.