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Image Size: 36" x 43.75" ()

Few animals in the undersea world command the respect and awe of the majestic blue marlin. Sleek, powerful, these top predators could well be considered the ultimate adaptation for high-speed hunting, with speeds in the open ocean reaching up to 68 miles per hour. “Most people only see these animals in the context of sport fishing,” Wyland says. “But if you are lucky enough to see them in their natural state, you will certainly remember it for the rest of your life.” In Undersea Sailing, Wyland beautifully depicts two of these animals with their long rigid dorsal fins at full crest, as a cascade of afternoon light penetrates the depths. For many, it is the perfect look at nature’s perfect creature. In 2010, Greenpeace added the striped marlin, white marlin, Atlantic blue marlin, black marlin, and Makara to its seafood red list – a category indicating fish that have a very high risk of being sourced from unsustainable fisheries.

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