Limited Editions


Image Size: 34" x 22 3/4" ()

The Spouty and friends characters were Wyland’s answer to the many requests from fans to create a cast of animated characters living together in an undersea universe. Originally planned for release as an animated television series, each character had such a distinct personality and look that Wyland decided to issue a series of limited edition art dedicated to each character. In this limited edition, all of the colorful characters come together for a fascinating piece of wall art designed to provide hours of delightful entertainment for viewers of all ages. “Wherever Spouty goes, adventure is sure to follow,” says Wyland. “This image has Spouty’s friends – and of course, a few of the other creatures that make Spouty’s life a little more … interesting.” Included here (counterclockwise) are Wild Bill Fish, Sammy the Shark, Killer the Orca, Star, Princess, Starr, Otter, Lucille, Crusty the sea turtle, Delphi, Ocean, and Humanatee.

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