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The wilds of an untamed reef as dolphins cruise in the distance and a solitary hammerhead noses curiously for food are the subject of “Sea Life Below,” a new painting by acclaimed marine life artist Wyland.  “There is so much life on these reefs,” Wyland says. “You want to show everything, but there is only so much room on a canvas, so you have to select the images that best reflect the ecosystem. I think this one has a perfect balance.”

Hand-signed and numbered, Custom-designed framing, Silk matting, Includes official Wyland-designed 2010 United Nations “One Planet, One Ocean” Collector’s Stamp. 

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

In spring 2010, the United Nations honored Wyland’s efforts for global marine conservation and art with a commemorative series of six stamps based on several of Wyland’s most notable recent artworks. The set of stamps, entitled “One Ocean, One Planet” marked the 50th Anniversary of UNESCO’s International Oceanographic Commission, a coalition of 129 member states dedicated to sharing international knowledge about the role of the oceans in providing cultural, social, and economic well-being for the world. Founded in 1960, the IOC advocates the future management of the oceans and coasts based on scientific knowledge.

Sought by collectors of United Nations memorabilia around the world

To celebrate Wyland’s milestone with the United Nations, the artist has created a limited edition series of giclees on paper, based on the original artworks. Each of these artworks includes a custom-matted design with an authentic United Nations “One Ocean, One Planet” stamp, as created by Wyland. Only 200 artist proof limited editions with the United Nations stamps will be available to collectors worldwide.

Artist Proof edition includes Wyland's right thumbprint and canceled mini sheet

For more info on the UN Stamps: click here

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