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Image Size: 29" x 45" ()

Wyland has dedicated his life and career to broadening our understanding and appreciation for our oceans. In this painting inspired by the 2010 Disneynature film, OCEANS, he blends the film’s thematic emphasis on ocean conservation with a stunning image of a pod of humpbacks and dolphins celebrating life in the buoyant sea. “We are living at a time when our oceans are in crisis,” Wyland says. “We recognize the near limitless beauty of our oceans, but we also recognize that it is our responsibility to become better caretakers of this resource if we ever hope to protect it for future generations. I was particularly proud to support the efforts of Disneynature in sharing their vision of life in the sea with new audiences.” As part of Wyland’s outreach efforts, his Wyland Foundation partnered with Disneynature OCEANS on the 2010 “One Ocean, One Planet” West Coast Tour to share art and science lessons about the ocean with thousands of at-risk middle school students in eight cities in three states. For Earth Day, 2009 Wyland created a commemorative artwork entitled EARTH to celebrate the film of the same name. OCEANS continues the artist’s legacy of pairing the finest marine life art with the finest nature films in the world.

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