Limited Editions


Image Size: 45" x 26.5" ()

“Henri Matisse was Picasso’s favorite artist. He was one of my favorite artists too. So you can imagine my surprise last year when I received a letter from Matisse’s grandson, Pierre, praising the conservation message behind my art. It turned out that Pierre and I shared a similar interest in the future of our environment. I called to thank him for his kind words and after an hour on the phone we decided to get together at his home studio near Daytona, Florida, to collaborate on two original paintings. Pierre is now 85 years old and still painting every day. Having the chance to paint with a Matisse was the opportunity of a lifetime. We decided the first painting would be Neptune, protector of the sea. With all collaborations, I always let the other artist paint first. I was so fascinated by watching this modern master paint with only a palette knife that I decided to use a palette knife for the very first time and mirror his technique and style by adding a hammerhead shark to the canvas. At one point we were both painting on the same canvas at the same time and having so much fun that we decided to begin a second canvas featuring a mermaid with wings, otherwise known as a sea angel, and two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. It became clear that these were two of the most unique collaborative paintings I had ever done. In fact, I was so pleased with the result that I decided to purchase both of the paintings for my personal collection and offer the images to my collectors as limited edition giclees on canvas, available exclusively through Wyland galleries.”


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