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Image Size: 24”w x 36”h ()

The world came to love the orca known as Keiko from the movie “Free Willy.” But Keiko’s journey from captive to film star to his release in Icelandic waters remained untold for years. It is a story of triumph and tragedy. Renowned artist and conservationist Wyland was among the many who worked diligently to secure the release of Keiko into the wild. Wyland pays tribute to Keiko’s legacy with an unforgettable portrait gracing the cover of author Mark Simmon’s tale of Keiko’s return to the wild. “The first time I saw Keiko it was like looking into the face of a highly intelligent animal who, although young, possessed the wisdom of his ancestors,” Wyland says. “ There he was alone thousands of miles away from his home and family, at the mercy of his captors, fighting for his very survival. Ever since that time I have to say that with every orca I have sculpted or painted, the memory of Keiko is never far away.” 

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