Limited Editions

Hawaii-Volcano on the Sea

Image Size: 36.5" X 45" ()

The volcanoes of Hawaii are a fascinating world of staggering beauty, biological diversity, and a powerful symbol of Hawaiian culture. To celebrate the unique way volcanoes have shaped Hawaii’s land and sea, Wyland enlisted the brush of Clint Sloan, a master artist specializing in volcanoes. “Clint and I have been talking about doing something like this for over twenty years,” Wyland says. “Clint created the first part of the painting at his studio in Kona. Then I completed my part featuring the sea life below.” The resulting painting, “Hawaii - Volcano on the Sea,” captures the raw power of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, as a volcano bubbles and seethes and builds the Hawaiian islands layer by layer as it has done for centuries. Overhead, a full moon casts its light on a cool blue undersea world inhabited by a pod of humpback whales and thriving coral reef. Wyland’s signature details and powerful renderings of marine life give this first-ever collaboration between these two artists the hallmark of an art classic. The new painting will be available exclusively at Sloan Galleries in Kona and Wyland Galleries.

*All odd numbers in the edition will be numbered and signed by Clint Sloan. All even numbers in the edition will be numbered and signed by Wyland.

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