Limited Editions


Image Size: 30" x 20" ()

In 1985, I was asked to paint a manatee mural at the Orlando International Airport. I was invited by my friends from the "Save the Manatees" organization to visit Blue Springs, Florida, where the endangered animals live. As I was snorkeling in the brackish waters of the area, a strange-looking creature approached me. I had seen many films and pictures of manatees, but I never thought I’d come face-to-face with one. Yet, there I was, up close and personal with a real manatee for about 20 minutes. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me to photograph my subject before he swam away. Then, several minutes later and to my great surprise, my new friend returned with four more manatees, including a mother and a baby. This was a dream come true! I spent over four hours swimming with this group of curious creatures. And when I painted the mural the next day, I felt enlightened forever by their gentle presence. Endangered Manatees represents that day in Blue Springs.

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