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Image Size: 45" X 36.5" ()

Orca whales are found in many oceans of the world, but the Pacific Northwest of the United States provides unparalleled views of these top ocean predators. The region has been a favorite destination for Wyland's research of Orca whales over the years. In Beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Wyland calls on one of his favorite collaborators, Steven Power, to create a pristine rendering of the topside land features of this wilderness, as Wyland delivers one of his most powerful interpretations of these intelligent animals breaching and swimming just below the surface. "In the waters of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands there are two different types of killer whales known as transient and resident Orcas," Wyland says. "Each group has different travel and bonding habits, but one thing they share in common is their extraordinary beauty and power. For an artist, there are few greater experiences than seeing these majestic creatures up close in their native habitat."

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