Limited Editions

Pablos Submerged

Image Size: 29.6”w x 45”h (including black boarders) ()

Wyland and portrait artist Dick Zimmerman continue their collaborative tribute to iconic artists with this stunning homage to the famed Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. Aptly titled, “Pablos Submerged,” the artists reimagine how Picasso might have seen himself in and around the sea, borrowing from the master’s techniques, but filtering them through their own distinctive artistic lenses. In the above scene, Zimmerman drops a cubed, crystalline portrait of Picasso into the ocean, while deeper below, Wyland recreates the image of Picasso himself at work painting a mermaid. “Some of Picasso’s most famous paintings were of the women in his life,” Wyland says. “I’d always wondered how he might have interpreted a mermaid. This painting gave me the chance to find out.”

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