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Gray Whale Life

Image Size: 42”w x 43”h ()

In 1992, Wyland captivated the region of south Orange County, California with his stunning depictions of gray whales for the annual Dana Point Festival of Whales. Wyland’s ongoing efforts to promote whale conservation around the world at that time focused on encouraging a broader understanding of the impacts these giants faced from fishing gear entanglements, boat collisions, and changes to their habitats. Now, to mark his return to the renowned Festival of Whales, Wyland returns to the subject of a gray whale mother and calf in the painting, “Gray Whale Life.” “Gray whales have rebounded enormously since the days of widespread whaling over a century ago,” Wyland says. “And yet they are now facing a new series of threats that are harder to see, but equally threatening. Like all large marine mammals, the future of gray whales and the ocean as a whole depend on the decisions we make now.” 


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