Fine Art Photography

Tiger of the Sea



Medium Size: 26.5”w x 21”h (with 4" black border)

Large Size: 39.75”w x 29.25”h (with 4" black border)

X-Large Size: 53”w x 39”h (with 6" black border)

Wyland Galleries introduces limited edition prints on metal for collectors of Wyland paintings and fine art photography. This state-of-the-art process uses heat to transfer dye directly onto 1/16" thick-brushed aluminum for a crisp, high-gloss image that meets today's highest archival standards. Each water-resistant print is lightweight, will not bend, and comes floated in a metal frame for a sleek, contemporary look that's sure to catch everyone's attention. An ultra hard scratch resistant surface ensures that your Wyland metal print enjoys the same longevity and color fidelity over times as your paper and canvas prints.

In this photographic portrait, “Tiger of the Sea,” Wyland turns his underwater photographer’s lens on the tiger shark. Commonly known as sea tigers, these apex predators rival great whites in power and size. They are recognized for their distinctive dark stripes and can reach lengths of up to sixteen feet. Tiger sharks, however, have been threatened due to excessive finning and hunting by humans. “Many people think it is the sharks that hunt humans, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Wyland says. “Most top predators want nothing to do with humans, yet our growing populations continually encroach on their habitats. And, like any wild animals, they will respond when they feel threatened.”

Note: Medium size image is displayed.  

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