Fine Art Photography

Arctic Bear



Medium Size: 26.5”w x 21”h (with 4" black border)

Large Size: 40”w x 30”h (with 4" black border)

X-Large Size: 53”w x 39”h (with 6" black border)

No other animal symbolizes the frozen regions of the earth like the polar bear. In “Arctic Bear,” Wyland focuses his photographer’s lens on a singular moment in the life of these powerful apex predators. The result is a stunning portrait of these Arctic giants in their native habitat. “Polar bears are masters of their environment,” Wyland says. “They have adapted supremely well and have no natural enemies. But they are also facing incredible challenges. First and foremost, the polar ice that they use for habitat is disappearing, forcing them to swim farther and farther to survive. To me this image seems to perfectly encapsulate the majesty of these animals, but also calls attention to the extreme environment where they fight each day for survival”

Note: Medium sized image is displayed.  

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