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Nearly a quarter of a century ago, marine life artist Wyland exploded on the scene with his rich, majestic murals of marine life. The timing couldn't have been better - the environmental movement was in full swing and the demand for art of the sea was born.

Today, the art is as vibrant as ever and the message of showcasing the beauty of nature is even stronger. But Wyland's mission has expanded in entirely new ways. With new art, a new emphasis on families and education, and a broader view of our relationship to the beauty of our entire blue planet - from our oceans, lakes, and rivers, to our streams and wetlands.

Inspired by the art of nature, the Wyland Brand has established a reputation for the highest quality fine art, gift products, books, and apparel in today's market place. Our partners include some of the world's top companies who are reaching new audiences with the Wyland name and vision, and community organizations who are making a difference.

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